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NEED HELP?: HOW TO: Download E-Books & Audiobooks


E-Book & Audiobook Help

The library has over 1,000 e-books and audiobooks available for checkout through Overdrive.

You can browse our collection of e-books at rsu34me.libraryreserve.com/

Logging into your account:

username: student#
password: coyote

All ebooks and audiobooks can be checked out for 21 days. Titles are automatically returned at the end of 21 days if you have not returned it early.

You may check out up to 3 ebooks/audiobooks at a time.


  1. Go to: http://rsu34.lib.overdrive.com/
  2. Browse or search to find a book you want to read
  3. Click on the book cover
  4. Click Borrow
  5. Sign in with your student number
  6. The password is: coyote
  7. Click on Read (in your browser)
  8. Read the book!

If you bookmark the book in your web browser you can go back to the book later without logging into your account. The bookmark will expire when the loan period has ended.


  1. Download the App for your Device (Sora for OverDrive in Google Play and iTunes)
  2. Go to: http://rsu34.lib.overdrive.com/
  3. Browse or search to find a book you want to read
  4. Click on the book cover
  5. Click Borrow
  6. Sign in with your student number
  7. The password is: coyote
  8. Choose the ePub format (If you have an Amazon account and the Kindle App you can choose the Kindle format.)
  9. The book will download and open in the OverDrive App.